About Us

Welcome to Kedia steel corporation, one of the largest independent supplier of steel and related products.Our main aim is to supply customers with the best possible service,ensuring your shopping experience to be easy and hassle free from start to finish. Dealing since 1972,as a supplier to local business in Raipur,it has extended its hands to the whole chattisgarh succesfully.The office located on Agrasen marg,Raipur is easily fetchable and provides the with best services at considerable price.We select the very best range of products inclunding top brands like ramco,everest,etc to provide thecustomers with the best choices. We are well known for some of the top products like flats,squares,hawrah,picaxe,wires and related goods. Known as the major dealer of almost all agro engineering works of Chattisgarh,Kedia steel corporation has made its customers believe that it is indeed a pleasure to partner with.

Here is a quote which is at the heart of our company

Each material has its specific characteristics which we must understand if we want to use it. This is no less true of steel and concrete.

Why steel business?

Currently, Indian steel industry has a steel capacity of 122 million tonnes (2015-16) and the world is producing 1630 million tonnes of steel. India has an aspiration to take this capacity to 300 million tonnes by 2030. Today steel industry contributes approximately 2% to our country’s GDP and employs 5 lakh people directly and about 20 lakh people indirectly.

India has quickly touched the number three spot in terms of steel production, overthrowing many industrialized developed nations such as the US, Russia and South Korea.

That makes steel one of the most valueable thing to trade on in Indian subcontinent.
We not only wish for your business success but also have tools to make your business successful. And yes, steel is one of them.